WHAT IS NOMEDIAA nomedia (.nomedia) is empty text file whch is saved as .nomedia and which when stored in any folder in android when media scanner scan this file it  skips that folder and scan next folder which means the media files (audio, video, images etc ) in the folder does not appear any where nor in the gallery nor in any music or video player

It allows us to hide a file from gallery without any application


Imagine if you open your gallery you see every image or video two to three or even more times that you have send to various group or people in a whatsapp and it slow up your gallery to load all the images that is available in your phone. To avoid this situation whatsapp use nomedia file  when you install then it creates the whatsapp folder in your main storage  in that direct to Media->whatsapp images->sent you will .nomedia in that (Note:- For seeing .nomedia first of all enable option show hidden file & folder ).


Using ES File Explorer

    1. On your Android, install and launch the ES File Explorer app.
  • Use the ES File Explorer to browse the folder that you would like to have the .nomedia file.
  • Next, tap the menu button and then select New.
  • Select File and then enter filename .nomedia.
  • Press Ok and that’s it

Using Windows PC

    1. On your PC, launch the Notepad software.
  • Now, go to File > Save.
  • Enter .nomedia for the filename and select All Files for Save as type.
  • Connect your Android phone to the PC using the USB data cable.
  • Using the Windows Explorer, copy the .nomedia file from your PC to the folder that you want stop the media scanning.

Or simply you can copy this file from Whatsapp->Media->whatsapp images->sent and paste it to the folder where you want to stop media scanning

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